Top 5 Cryptos to Follow in 2021

Top 5 Cryptos to Follow in 2021

With countless alternatives available, how can you choose the most promising digital coins to put resources into 2021? There is no universal answer in the realm of digital assets, as every market participant is coming at it with various desires and levels of expertise. The opportunity that digital pairs offer is quite charming, and if it’s in accordance with your market objectives, diving into the universe of crypto can bring interesting benefits.

Exchanging digital coins can look intimidating from the outset, so read on for a complete guide on the topmost e-currencies to follow in 2021.

Market capitalization of digital coins is calculated by multiplying the price of virtual currencies by the entire number in circulation. This measure will give you an idea of how much funds are flowing in and out of the digital asset market.

Until 2016 the market cap didn’t go above 20 billion USD, whereas in 2019 the total capitalization of digital currencies was close to 240 billion USD. Global trends hint that in 2021 a new all-time high will be reached.

Due to the lack of a central regulatory body that rules the price of crypto there is a high possibility for extreme price volatility.



Any list of digital assets to follow in any year must include Bitcoin. Created in 2009 by a mysterious programmer named “Satoshi Nakamoto”, it was popularized as the first major digital asset.

As the most famous crypto, Bitcoin paved the way for other digital currencies on the market now. In addition, Bitcoin is also the most liquid in the digital asset landscape.

Bitcoin remains the largest digital asset by market cap, in terms of value, and a key influencer in mass adoption and integration of digital coins.



With the second biggest market capitalization, Ethereum is a solid crypto, which allows application developers to build decentralized financial application.

By establishing the way for the smart contract platform trend, Ethereum has secured its place in the market as an incredibly useful digital asset. Ethereum will likely remain a valuable digital coin for the foreseeable future.



Litecoin is one of the digital currencies which are mined the quickest and at the same time offer a high reward of 25 LTC for each block created. When combined with its high liquidity and large market cap, Litecoin sure looks like one of the more exciting digital pairs in 2021.

Litecoin is limited to 84 million coins, which is why it has earned the nickname “digital silver” by the crypto community.



This crypto is different from others in that it is developed for use by larger financial institutions and banks, used to transfer money across national borders. XRP serves as a platform for transfers and as a useful transit asset.

Its high market cap and practical value makes it a powerful contender for potential rewards this year and into 2021


Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash was created as a fork off Bitcoin order to address some challenges and weaknesses in the leading digital asset. The aim is to optimize the network to be more useful for everyday transactions, making it a coin with potential practical value. The main areas that BCH improved are addressed were transaction speed, scalability, and block size. Did they succeed in making a difference? The main areas that BCH improved are transaction speed, scalability, and block size

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