Your Online Safety: 4 Tips to Stay Fully Safe

Your Online Safety: 4 Tips to Stay Fully Safe

As online markets become more and more popular, users must keep in check their online safety and security status more. And since security attacks have been increasing, we have prepared a comprehensive list with tips to follow to keep your credentials, funds, and digital market presence safe.


Always Use a Complex Password

Despite all the talk around password security and complexity, users still continue to use simple and easy-to-guess and/or obtain passwords like their birthdays, parent’s names, pet names or just “123456”.

In the dynamic market there really isn’t a place for such passwords, as hackers are always just behind the corner and are developing new and advanced ways to breach accounts. Try to utilize password complexity tools and two factor authentication apps.


Enhancing Entry

Why not utilize a two-factor authentication tool? Many other apps already apply these to their login info. For example, if you decide to use a new device, you will need another for verification of the new device. The best part is that this is usually free.


Keep Your Account Private

Never share your credentials with anyone. Many users fail by giving full access to 3rd parties that are usually with malicious intent.

Sharing your account should only be done only with an account manager and even then, you should change your password after they have used your account.

Just as you control your own password, you need to control the password and access of others who can control your account.

Take extra steps to secure your accounts and follow up with new security updates to keep your money safe online, as hackers are becoming more and more determined.

Another thing to keep an eye on is to never allow access to your account through 3rd party software e.g., Team Viewer, Slack, Skype. There really is no reason to grant full access to your computer, mobile devices, and account through such tools, since you lose full control when using them.

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